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Note: you will also notice red wings on our site: these belong to administrators of Aviation Club International, as well as to our Ambassadors.

To become an aviation club ambassador for your specific country, please click here, in order to receive our full ambassador brochure, developing the function and explaining how to apply.

Do you manage a Flying Club?

Flying Club Administrators and Managers, you can create a group for your local flying club on the Aviation Club web site, for FREE, no matter where in the world you are located. Our only expectation is that you invite your own members to join the Aviation Club too. Please consider entering into your group a short video of your own airport circuit, for the benefit of incoming visitors!

Wishing to help us grow our Aviation Club? Become an Ambassador!

If you wish to become an Aviation Club Ambassador for a given region of the world, in charge of spreading our club around, please contact Pierre de Fermor, our President.