WW II - Lt HF Grenning, Jr. in p-38 Straffing German Airfield, 434th fighter squadron

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This is p-38 gun camera footage from a US attack on a German Airfield during WWII. The camera is on, when the bullets are flying. Notice a friend's p-38 show up in the field of view. Details from dad:

* Nancy-Essey aerdrome in Eastern France.

* August 18, 1944.

* 479th Fighter Group mission #135.

* About 35 P-38s involved in actual strafing attack.

* German aircraft destroyed---43

* German aircraft damaged----28

* Lt Bud Grenning confirmed;

** Destroyed - 1 JU-88

** Destroyed - 1 HE-111K

** Damaged - 2 JU-88s You can get the entire story starting on page 135 of the Group book by Terry Fairfield

Historic details provided by dad, one of the last of the p-38 fighter pilots.


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