WWII-era planes to retrace their journey to Russia

By Tim Wronka, Charlotte County Reporter on http://www.nbc-2.com/


Two planes used in World War II will make one last flight: From Southwest Florida all the way to Russia. 

The journey from Punta Gorda commemorates the special anniversary of a special mission during the war. 


Longtime pilot Frank Moss fired up his Douglas DC3 cargo plane for one of the last time, as he and a team of Russian pilots get set to fly all the way to Siberia, like was done in WWII.  

"We all needed each other back then, and we all helped each other. Hopefully that will happen again on this trip," Moss said. 

Moss is talking about re-enacting a flight from the Lend-Lease Act, a program where US planes flew from Alaska to Siberia, dropping off food and supplies to Russian troops during WWII. 

Moss and his son Glenn owned and maintained the original planes for several years at Punta Gorda Airport and will part with them once they land in Russia. 

"It's kind of a bittersweet goodbye to the airplanes. A long goodbye. We will spend 65 hours flying," Moss said. 

Crews are checking every last detail to be safe. 

"You just have to get into a 1930s and 40s way of thinking as the world has kind of passed these aircraft by," Moss said. 

This year marks the 70th anniversary of these historic flights to Russia and this flight will be its official reenactment. The planes are expected to leave this week. 

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