Patent "Rescue and supplying capsules joint system applicable on airplanes and shuttles"

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My new patent is visualized in this 3D animation, created in June 2011 and available at:

Currently I wish to contact a large number of aeronautics experts and professionals via LinkedIn, to show this animation and ask for feedback. I will be very grateful if you can help by connecting me with some of your contacts!!

Several years ago I filed a claim against The Walt Disney Company, based on their possibly illegal use in Spain of contents of my patent registered in 1995, with respect to the "Rescue capsule generally applicable on airplanes" in their movie titled "Air Force One" (copyright 1997). The court ruled in favor of Disney and my appeal of that decision is currently still under consideration at the High Court of Justice in Madrid.

In March 2010, I decided to register a new patent. This new concept in aviation safety consists of a system of independent capsules, situated inside the fuselage of the airplane. The capsules are pulled outside by means of a conveyor belt and leave the airplane through a hatch in the aft fuselage; next, parachutes are deployed and guide each capsule to safe landing on land or water.

This invention also can be used for humanitarian supply to populations in an emergency situation or in remote areas, e.g. during a natural disaster, or to military ground forces. A capsule can also be equipped as a mini-hospital and function as a shelter, until it is recuperated by helicopter, while the treated persons are still inside the capsule.

Furthermore, the capsules are reusable and can be reinstalled in an aircraft for use in future operations.

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