Airport Transfers Made in Darfur

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A cherished memory from our Aviation Club member--Clifford Agumbi.

This is his story...

Airport Transfers Made in Darfur

"Some time ago when working in Darfur, I went for a field trip in a place called Arara near the border with Chad. There is only one car there, which belongs to the army. So, when you step out of the WFP chopper, you get a ride on a horse-cart!

As the chopper lands you see horse-cart 'taxis' waiting for you in the ‘parking’ area! Can life get any better than this? I don’t think so! It was tough there, but I loved the adventure!

Had a good time there. I even gave a speech at a meeting where Tearfund, the NGO I work for was handing over a school it had built for the community. Now that’s life in the field my dear friends!"

 Thank you Clifford for sharing such a wonderful story!

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