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  • About

    OPSontap is a company based in The Netherlands.

    This group is specifically for Ground Staff looking to put their experience & expertise to good use. The founder of OPSontap has in excess of 25 Years Airline Operations experience in a multitude of different Airlines & airline types from Cargo to Business Jets to Charter & Scheduled Services. 

    Opsontap is a Specialist staff supplier for SHORT term contracts around the world.
    Specifically Groundstaff in the following trades
    Operations Controllers / Flight Dispatchers
    Crewing Officers / Crew Schedulers
    Pre Operations / Traffic Planners
    Commercial Sales
    Ramp Agents / Turnround Coordinators
    Ticketing Agents
    Load Control Specialists / Loadmasters
    Aviation Security
    Quality Auditors
    Aviation English Instructors & so on

    Currently accepting registration for Clients & Operatives on our Homepage.


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