Watch in Awe~ Dogfight: 1917 Sopwith Camel vs 1917 Fokker Dr.1 Triplane

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Watch in awe as a 1917 Sopwith Camel dogfights with a 1917 triple winged Fokker Dr.1 Triplane

Sopwith F.1 Camel

Perhaps the most famous British fighter aircraft of the 'Great War', the Camel became a household name during, and after the war. While almost five and a half thousand Camels were produced from 1917, very few remain today, and no original airworthy examples exist.

This aircraft is an authentically built full scale reproduction, with a number of original parts, including the 160 horse power Gnome rotary engine (which is now the oldest operating aircraft engine in New Zealand). Recently repainted, this Camel now represents the aircraft flown by Blenheim (New Zealand) born man, Clive Collett.

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The Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker (triplane)

was a WWI fighter aircraft built by Fokker Flugzeugwerke. The Dr.I saw widespread service in the spring of 1918. It became renowned as the aircraft in which Manfred von Richthofen gained his last 19 victories, and in which he was killed on 21 April 1918.

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