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    "HI" ports, a way to generate economy, jobs, political support, happy families and thankful voters!

    So what is a "HI" port?

    You could go to a port and say "HI"? Maybe, but this wouldn't generate any revenue to anybody, less taxes or happiness!

    The basic idea is simple; people pay you if you make them happy.

    And if you provide them a way to accomplish their needs and wants, they will pay you for your work and do what they desire.

    Example, you make bread, they want bread, so they pay you, buy the bread and have food on their family table. They need it; you provided for them, they paid for, happily! It works on bigger issues too!

    Airfields for instance!

    Why almost everybody would dream of having an airplane (Ultra light is cheap enough now) or helicopter, but only a few do have one?

    Because if you build a dead end highway say 30 Km (20 miles), a “Cul de Sac”, some people might buy a car to have fun on this street that leads nowhere, but most of them will find it insane wasting money just to drive on Sunday on the speed way for fun.

    This is how the airfields work today; they are mostly for flight school and a little trip around the grass field.

    Now, if you build a highway to CONNECT two major cities, and make exits to all the villages down the road, you can bet your ass many people will buy cars to travel, not because they love to have a car, or to drive, but because they can use that facility to solve their problems or to do business, or simply to go visit with parents! Now it makes sense, and it makes business!

    They pay tool to use your speedway because it solves some problem! Your speedway generates revenues by making people happy!

    Back to the "HI" ports:

    Building one airfield with no networking destination is a limited public facility to be used by the few that prefer to fly rather than to go fishing on Sunday!

    But if you build one "HI" port while others do the same in other places, you provide a place to hangar the plane; provide a runway that LEADS to somewhere else, so people start using it for more reasons than simply being up there for one hour a week!

    Say you live in a small city, 80.000 inhabitants! Maybe you have 20 Km to the highway connection, if you are lucky enough; There are 3 or 4 large industrial areas, trucks and lorries everywhere, and the road to the highway is crowded all day, slow speed, many vans, people cursing, etc.

    Daily mess! Now you build an airfield designated to private transportations towards other airfields, bring bus lines that go to the industrial areas and to downtown every 10 minutes, build one thousand hangars places, restaurant, marketplace where the farmers can sell their products, cars parking place. Will anybody start using it?

    My mother used to say "Just build a lake, and frogs will come!"

    Why would I call it a "HI" port? It has the shape of the "H" and "I" letters, that's why!

    So, on the ground we need a space of some 30 hectares or above that is 1 KM per 300 meters (1100 yards X 330 yards rectangle).

    On one of the long sides we reserve 10 metres stripe all along as safety stripe, than another stripe of 20 meters as take off runway only.

    And another 10 meters safety stripe besides, that's a 15 meters stripe for “engine stops” out of the landing lane.

    On the other long side, we reserve 10 meter safe zone strip all along, and than dig a ditch deep 1 meter (1 yard) wide 20 meters (22 yards) and long from one end to the other, we insulate it waterproof and fill it with water, amphibious land way, on the shape of an "I"!

    This is the landing and take off water way!

    Than we leave 10 meters safe zone, grass, naturally, and another strip of 20 meters for the ground access where the planes can turn on their engineers and warm up, and so on. At the side of it we place in a 50 meters strip hangars of 8 X 8 meters (yards) all attached, back to back in a long line of two rows, interrupted here and there by passing lines.

    These hangars have to be on two stores, first store 5 meters high to receive the flight machines and the cars, and an upper store of 3 meters high, with bathroom, for storage, tools, and other workshop needs.

    On the roof, orientable solar photovoltaic panels, to render independent energetically each unit, and eventually sell the surplus to reduce costs of exercise!

    Behind the hangars will be another walk lane large 20 meters, than another security strip of 10 meters: all grass. And all along the security strip another runway, on grass, take off only.

    On the other side another security strip large 10 meters, and warm-up lane large 15 meters all along. The grass runways and their respective warm-up lanes besides will be connected at half their distance by a dedicated lane.

    Viewed from above it looks like an "H" on the grass with an "I" of water besides.

    A "HI" port!

    In the upper part of the "H" letter, we place a few rows of standard 8 X 8 hangars as we did beside the water lane, with 20 meters of grass in between every double row of hangars, so people can move their machines around with the engines off. And drive their cars when needed.

    The flight machines will be authorised to turn on their engines only on the warm-up strips, where walking people are not authorised unless embarking in a flight machine.

    In the lower part of the "H" a covered parking for cars, marketplace and services with solar panels on the roof, obviously, will facilitate local passengers’ exchange, and a little agro tourism market.

    If we can place such a field in any area, one for any given 100.000,00 inhabitants (larger cities will need more then one around) some traffic will be taken away from the asphalt roads, and some traffic jam will disappear, besides using public transportations from the field to the job and back will lower more the traffic jams locally, and the local pollution.

    We have the means to do it, we have the know-how and the experts, and we can bring funds to help with financing.

    You provide your local authority experts, local companies to build, and local people to run it for a profit. So it's all in your advantage, short and long term!

    Do the right things, ring your friends, the Mayors, and get them involved in this before it is too late!

    Do it now!

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