Airbus to build only one A380 per month from 2018

As Airbus still has not figured a way to increase the sales of A380, currently the world’s largest passenger jet, it plans to cut the construction rate to one plane per month, starting 2018. Right now, the assembly rate of the A380 superjumbo is 2.5 planes per month.

Airbus representatives stated still having confidence in the A380, as it potentially solves such issues as airport congestion and increasing air traffic rates. Despite these benefits, the sales of the double-decker plane have slumped, especially due to competition from smaller models, which airlines find easier to fill.

As of September 2016, the European manufacturer had 319 firm orders, with 195 planes delivered. The superjumbo’s largest customer is Emirates, currently operating 84 and expecting the delivery of 15 more A380s.

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