FAA Needs To Be Dismantled

If you haven't been living under a rock, the FAA has imposed NEW regulations for law abiding American citizens who have drones. The FAA has made the aviation industry less about affordable pricing and competition and more about control. Due to the government's lizard hand in the aviation industry, it makes it difficult for aviation companies to prosper. Not only that, regulations jack up the prices of goods( in this case, drones). The only logical solution is to dismantle the FAA.

Many anti-free market economists think that without the FAA, America would be screwed. However it will be the exact opposite. Without regulations, the prices of drones will go down tremendously. People who never were able to buy drones would now be able to. Plus, drone companies would have to compete with each other thus improving how we operate drones as consumers and how drone makers make drones.  It will change law abiding drone owner's life forever(in a good way). 

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