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    Airlake Aero, Inc. is a small flying club consisting of 45 members. It is located approximately 25 miles south of the "Twin Cities" of Saint Paul and Minneapolis in Minnesota, USA. It operates from a single-runway, non-towered airport (KLVN) underneath the KMSP class B airspace. 

    Our fleet is as follows:
    -Beech Skipper (1981)
    -Piper Archer II (1981)
    -Cessna 182RG (1980)
    -Cessna 172P (1985)

    We are currently selling one of the Archer II's and looking to purchase a 2 place trainer for cheaper flying (e.g. Beech Skipper) as of Spring 2010.
    Avionics are being upgraded to a Garmin 430W stack on all aircraft.

    Airlake Aero, Inc. Website

    Location Airlake Airport, Lakeville, MN 55044, USA [map]

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