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    Business philosophy and what`s your cargo doing?
    excellent location right in the heart of air there at AirCargo MeetingPoint, this is the right time to be on the right place-there`s enough room for everyone..we know what air cargo means - Let`s move further
    -------> The Power Behind The Cargo
    I get to exercise my creative side in the development of products and services. I have a lot of autonomy, which allows me to react quickly to internal and external customer needs and opportunities
    ...we are always working closely with our partners to offer new and innovative business solutions.
    Focus and passion to help the independent, middle-size forwarders at their air cargo industry.
    Helping independent entrepreneurs to expand their business to receive a satisfied smile of a member -->that drives me to work harder, sharpen my focus and push for excellence.
    I am one of those people who constantly needs to improve things, for my members there is always space for improvement and sometimes I lie awake at night trying to figure out how to get it all done.
    If a disapointment happened...I step back ...refocus..and move forward again
    In air cargo transportation competition is strong and time is precious. Everything depends on quality, safety and efficiency of the total system between the forwarder-airline-airports. All required services should be in one sphere. That`s why process efficiency, ground service quality and extraordinary loading speed can be guaranteed at all times-making sure where ever your cargo goes, it`s always safe and it`s always on time.
    Discover new ways to shortne the worldwide supply chain.
    We want your business take off - come to the heart of air cargo --> AirCargo MeetingPoint..The Cargo Experts!
    It`s all in the mix - announcing your new global connection
    For cargo-related questions, contact us
    There`s no limit to our skyline
    AirCargo MeetingPoint
    Bigger than you think
    be a part of it
    former explanation, history and future in one and more than up to date
    Creating a New Vision for a New Tomorrow
    Holistic concepts and solutions for customers around the world
    Standards within a network are not set with mediocrity.
    Our philosophy is to employ all our capabilities, knowledge and experience in the development of economical and individual cargo and logistics solutions for innovative business partners. We are constantly driven by an unrestrained curiosity to discover new possibilities in pursuit of optimization of processes or the replacement of conventional Logistic and consulting via new forms.
    For us each and every new task is an incentive to set new standards.
    We look forward to rising to you challenge!
    Air Cargo Meeting Point has opened in august 2006 and is currently in the process of expanding it`s a worldwide network of agents, airliners, freight forwarders.
    - worldwide advertising of your company, of your person
    - access new markets
    - worldwide partners are working together under same conditions
    - proactive information - advantage through knowledge
    - show your customers that you are a global player
    Join our Air Cargo Meeting Point and find the best and most reliable partners worldwide.
    "Many hands make light work"
    You will find suitable partners for your requirements within our network;
    in our network you will have a worlwide voice,
    a worldwide communication in a "click"

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