POV of aviation within the crisis.

Hi everybody, here is a subject I want to share with everyone :)

The aviation's world has been successful for a lot people around the world but also smashed by the present crisis. I think it is important to connect people in this industry to help them with their needs and goals.
I do know a lot of aviation's professionals in the same situation with a lack of connections in this industry and I am willing to change this situation and not just for me.

I am not only a Pilot or an Ops agent with only one function. I also do have experience in computer sciences, sales and marketing. I think that presently it is important to get someone with more than one ability which can help for a wider overview of the needs of the clients/company.
Since few years I am meeting more and more pilots with experiences in different kinds of departments. We are no more a tool with only one function which costs. It is possible to get an advantage from that and use it to improve in anyways any department by being involved in different aspects of the flight and company.

This is just my point of view and I hope that being polyvalent will be seen as something more valuable than it is presently.


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