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Keith McLellan June 5th 2012, 05:03 PM

Getting started.

Hello, everyone!

I am starting a business to provide a variety of airborne camera platforms to the media industry that will offer many options in how they can obtain the kind of shots that they want to get when filming a movie, a television production, covering a big news or sports event, or generating video or photographs for advertising or research purposes.  My focus is on designing stabilized, low-vibration camera mounts and remote operating systems for the cameras.  I will also be designing and building low-cost, UAV airframes capable of carrying larger cameras than those typically available on the market today.  The primary feature of the business will be the ability to allow the camera operator to remain on the ground, controlling the camera operation from a sophisticated ground station.  Initially, I intend to use microlight aircraft and LSA (light sport aircraft) as the basic platforms.  I also will use large, heavy lift RC helicopters (single and multi-rotor types), as well as large, unique design, custom built, fixed wing RC aircraft.

I welcome all who are interested and would like to participate in any way!


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