Plastic Fabrication: Saving Lives and Empowering People

Chances are, if you were to grab something - anything - within a 15 foot radius of where you sit at this very moment, you'd probably come into contact with a plastic fabrication. Go ahead, do it now. If you're in an office or your home, you may find yourself taking hold of pens, computer monitor stands, electronic picture frames, household appliances, and virtually everything in between.

For another example, imagine for an instant that you work in an athletic department at a school or university. Imagine where this job would take you, locker rooms, sporting events, athletic supply rooms. Your daily concerns might very well be the outfitting of the teams you're responsible for, and if you ever played sports as a youth or as an adult, you can attest that many of the things that kept you safe and having fun were plastic fabrications. The shoulder pads, shin guards, helmets, and mouthguards all kept you in one piece. For all of them, you can thank plastic fabrication.

Keeping with the sporting world as a frame of reference, imagine where we might be without plastic fabrication. Years ago, before we were capable of quickly and effectively fabricating protective padding out of plastic, you would have seen athletes like football and hockey players stepping onto the field or the ice with leather helmets and pads, and even more primitive versions of their sporting armor.

As the National Hockey League reports, the first pads used in the sport emerged in the 1880's. These primitive pads were shin guards made of leather or felt and reinforced with cane. As the skill level (and brutality) of the sport continued to rise, by the 1900's hockey players began to find the need for even more padding, which lead to the use of leather and canvas squares to protect players' kneecaps and padded leather gloves. Furthermore, while helmet and masks may seem like the most important piece of protection, they didn't come into prominence until the 70's and 80's. Even then, they tended to be leather and not until later, rigid plastic.

Today, every kind of sports equipment - from shin guards and cups to facemasks and helmets - is in some way the result of plastic fabrication. Because of this, instead of having to stitch together pieces of padded leather, the process to create sporting equipment is significantly less labor intensive and expensive - making injury prevention a no-brainer.

Where might you be without plastic fabrication? If the process was never pioneered or perfected, how might the plastic products and tools you use every day be different? Or, if you played sports as a child, would your face look any different or your anatomy ever so slightly imperfect if the widespread availability of effective protective-gear wasn't possible?

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