Emirates Airlines pilot shortage grounds twenty planes

Emirates Airlines will leave at least six A380s and fourteen Boeing 777s for the next two months because of a decrease in demand and a lack of pilots.

The Dubai-based company already removed some routes to Fort Lauderdale and Miami because of the seasonal decline in demand. But Emirates Airlines is also victim of the lack of pilots which affects other companies. It would take from 100 to 150 more pilots for the company to operate at full capacity, reports Bloomberg.

The planes could be grounded until September 2018, said Emirates CEO Tim Clark to Air Travel Word online. After that, the first batch of 170 cadets formed at the Emirates pilot academyopened in 2017 will graduate and be ready to fly.

Just like several other European and Americancompanies (Republic Airlines, Norwegian,Ryanair...), Emirates saw some of its pilots leaving for Chinese companies that offer more attractive salaries and working conditions.


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