ANA A380s feature new cabin options

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is configuring the cabins of its Airbus A380s with four classes and some all-new features that include a changing room, bar counters in all cabins and couch options in economy.

The three A380s will be used on Tokyo-Honolulu services from spring 2019. Those flights are about seven hours long. A special livery has been developed for the A380s using themes inspired by Hawaiian sunsets and oceans.

Inside the aircraft, ANA revealed April 25, will be features specifically aimed at Japanese families, couples and newlyweds, for whom Hawaii is a popular destination for vacations and honeymoons.

While the ANA A380’s 520-passenger configuration makes it a high-density, tourist-market product, there will be multiple offerings from first-class private seats with their own doors to an all-economy main deck with couch options at the rear.

Each upper deck will have eight first-class, 56 business-class and 73 premium-economy seats. While other ANA business-class seats are staggered, the A380 configuration will be set in pairs to appeal to couples on vacation. There is also a far higher number of 38-inch premium economy seats compared to the average of 20 on ANA’s other aircraft.

Among the 383 economy class seats on the main deck will be 60 couch options that ANA, a Star Alliance carrier, believes will be especially appealing to families with small children. Each couch is comprised of three or four seats that convert to a flat bench with a mattress once the leg rests are folded up. Air New Zealand introduced the couch product, but this will be the first time it will be offered on a Japanese carrier.

All cabins will have special wall colorings and lights that, like the exterior, are designed to evoke Hawaiian colors. And all cabins will have a bar counter.

The Zodiac Rave IFE system will also include Hawaiian themes and the aircraft will be Wi-Fi equipped.

Behind the main deck, ANA is creating a multi-purpose room where new mothers can tend to their babies and passengers will be able to change.

ANA always intended to do something different with its A380s, which will be powered by Rolls-Royce Trent engines, so that it could increase its share of the Japan-Hawaii market by exploiting the ultra-large aircraft’s space.

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