Nail Decoration Wheel from BeautyBigBang

 Hey lovelies! I have another BeautyBigBang review today. Check out the 2 BeautyBigBang reviews from yesterday here and here. Use my code LALA010 for 10% off your order!

Today, I am reviewing a nail decoration/charm wheel from BeautyBigBang. I am really excited about this product, so let’s get into the review!

*The following swatches are applied over ÜNT Ready for Takeoff and topped with Glisten & Glow Top Coat. Candied Plum by Mace Polish was used as the base color (review here).

Nail Decoration  Wheel (SKU: 96404)

Description: Approximately 1200 pcs of mix shaped rhinestones & charms.

How to use: After applying base coat, base color, and top coat, pick up the rhinestone/charm with tweezers and coat the back of it with top coat, then immediately place on nail.

Availability: Available now.

Price: $2.83 USD

Overall thoughts: I loooove this product! You get a variety of rhinestones and charms. There are charms in my wheel for Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, and for any time of the year! You get sooo much for a low price, so I definitely recommend this product.

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