5 Easy Steps To Get Mirror Chrome Nails

If you’re tired of the usual manicure every single time, try the newest trend in gel nails: Mirror chrome nails!

Get Mirror Chrome Gel Nails to Modernize Your Mani

Gel nails are the obvious choice when getting a manicure these days because they last 3 weeks without chipping. Chrome nails, also known as mirror nails or glass nails, are a step up from gel! And they’ll be great for parties to compliment your outfit and your makeup!

Chrome nails may cost a bit more than what you usually pay at the nail salon, but they’re definitely worth it. Prefer to DIY your nails? Check out this easy tutorial to get gorgeous-looking mirror chrome gel nails at home.

Things you’ll need to have mirror chrome gel nails:

Black Gel Polish

Gel Top Coat

Chrome Nail Powder 

Eyeshadow Applicator

UV lamp

Step 1: Black Base Polish

Prep your nails like what you would usually do with gel nails. To create the full effect of the mirror nails, apply a double coat of black gel polish. Cure the gel for about 10-20 seconds under UV light to dry it instantly.

Once this is done, apply a clear gel top coat and cure under the UV light once again. Now your nails are ready for the loose chrome powder!

Step 2: Buff On The Chrome Powder On Your Gel Nails

Use an eyeshadow brush to pick up an ample amount of chrome powder. You can  find this mirror color on Amazon for 5.99. Now dab on the powder to your UV-dried nails and start buffing. Make sure to put just enough pressure to create a friction on your gel nails. It might not come out right away but after a few rubs, the silver chrome effect will come out. It should look similar to foil.

Step 3: Clean Up

When you’ve applied the loose chrome powder on all your nails, brush away the remaining powder around the nails. These little buggers might be a bit harder to brush off compared to glitter.

If the cleaning part isn’t your style, you can apply liquid latex around your fingernails. The excess powder will stick to it instead of your skin.

Step 4: Apply Top Coat

Satisfied with your mirror chrome gel nails? Don’t forget to apply another layer of the clear top coat. This will help lock in the powder and retain the mirror-like effect.

Step 5: Cure Again

After everything, cure your new gorgeous nails for 60 seconds. Using alcohol, clean up any excess chrome powder around your chrome gel nails and then start enjoying people’s attentions!

Wasn’t that mirror chrome gel nails tutorial really easy? I’m sure you can do it by yourself at home now!

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