The Best Nail Polish For Your Skin Tone

You are quite familiar with the fact that not every color looks good on you. The same is true about nail polishes. You may quite like certain supermodel’s manicure but when you apply it on your nails it is just not as good. You may be in love with silver nail polishes  but it may just look awkward on you. The reason for that is your skin tone. If you wonder what color is the best for you, do not look any further.

The best way to find out which nail polish color is best for you is not by your natural complexion but by your undertone. But how to find out what is your undertone? Just stand in natural light and look at your hand, doesn’t matter whether you are outside or standing by the window. There are two types of undertones: cool and warm. Cool ones are red, pink, or blue, while warm ones are beige, golden or olive. If you cannot tell what is your undertone you are probably neutral and can wear most colors.

Pale complexion
If you have pale skin, choose a polish with blue base. Avoid dark colors like black. Stick to the pale colors like pastel pinks, greens and blues, pale pink and beige.

Fair skin with cool undertones
If your type of skin is similar to Alexis Bledel’s or Selena Gomez’s look for polishes in lighter shades of pink and blue. If your undertone is cool, then highlight it with the same shade of the color. You can also look for nail polishes with silver hues in them.

Medium or olive complexions
For this type of skin there are a wide range of colors. You will look good in vibrant colors like yellow, orange, blue or rink. Just avoid dark purple, navy blue and red. And also avoid paler pastel shades.

Cool undertones with medium skin
If your complexion is similar to Jennifer Lopez’s or Demi Lovato’s choose polishes with cool silver and frost hues.

Tan Complexion
Tanned skin looks better with warmer colors like light blue, brown, pink or purple. If you have that type of skin avoid gold because it will blend with your skin tone.

Warm undertones with tan skin
If your skin is similar to Eva Mendes’s, you can try polishes with warm black or brown hues.

Dark complexion
If your complexion is dark, stick to the deep, rich shades like greens, blues, yellow-based reds, deep purples. And avoid the neon colors, pastel ones, white and silver because they will be in contrast with your skin.

Warm undertones with deep skin
If your skin is like Zoe Saldana’s, you can try polishes with warm black hues. They will complement your skin.

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