11 Highest Paying Countries for Pilots

An airline pilot is one of the most in-demand jobs currently in the world, as evidenced by the 11 highest paying countries for pilots. Becoming a pilot is no easy feat. It requires nerves of steel, as you are in charge of a large piece of metal flying thousands of feet in the air at a speed of several hundred miles an hour. Add the fact that there are often over a hundred people in a commercial plane, it makes sense that nerves are an extremely important part of this job.

11. Switzerland

Annual salary: $56,549

10. Kuwait

Annual salary: $59,721

9. Sweden

Annual salary: $62,141

8. Japan

Annual salary: $62,912

7. United States of America

Annual salary: $63,739

6. Italy

Annual salary: $72,603

5. Australia

Annual salary: $74,488

4. United Kingdom

Annual salary: $91,404

3. Hong Kong

Annual salary: $99,177

2. United Arab Emirates

Annual salary: $116,362

1. Bahrain

Annual salary: $159,164

With an annual salary of nearly $160,000, Bahrain tops the list of 10 highest paying countries for pilots.


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