World's Largest Aircraft is Taking Shape

It was a very well kept secret for a short period of time, but Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and original financier for SpaceShipOne during the X-Prize competition, has been working with Scaled Composites to create the largest aircraft ever.

The secret came out during an expose on the unfortunate loss of SpaceShipTwo during a routine test that resulted in the death of pilot Mike Alsbury. As part of the filming, Scaled Composites allowed partial viewing of the aircraft named, StratoLaunch.

The six-engine aircraft will be tasked with launching rocket-propelled satellites into space. Orbital Industries is one such contractor that has already partnered with the Stratolaunch program.

In March 2013, a 103,257-square-foot hangar was built to house the huge aircraft which is expected to make its first flight in 2016.

For more information, visit their website: Stratolaunch

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