Garuda Indonesia seating plans and cabins

For Garuda Indonesia cabin interior is designed specifically to provide an unforgettable flying experience for passengers, complete with comfort seats. In 2009, Garuda Indonesia adds a range of new aircraft Airbus A330-300 and Boeing 737-800 Next Generation. Executive class seats in the Airbus 330 can recline to 180 degrees. Then in 2012, Garuda Indonesia has also added a new Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen aircraft.

Boeing 747–400

Seat Capacity:42* + 386** = 428
Crew:Cockpit 2, Cabin 16
Operated in:1994 - Present

Airbus A330-300

Seat Capacity:42* + 215** = 257
Crew:Cockpit 2, Cabin 15
Operated in:1996 - Present

Airbus A330-200

Seat Capacity:36* + 186** = 222
Crew:Cockpit 2, Cabin 11
Operated in:2009 - Present

Boeing 737-800NG

Seat Capacity:12* + 144** = 156
Crew:Cockpit 2, Cabin 6
Operated in:2009 - Present

Boeing 737-300

Seat Capacity:16* + 94** = 110
Crew:Cockpit 2, Cabin 5
Operated in:1989 - Present

Boeing 737-500

Seat Capacity:12* + 84** = 96
Crew:Cockpit 2, Cabin 5
Operated in:1989 - Present

Lihat interior 360°

Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen

Seat Capacity:12* + 84** = 96
Crew:Cockpit 2, Cabin 3
Operated in:2012 – Present

Lihat interior 360°

There's so much pleasure you can have while enjoying your flight. This airplane is suitable for business people who travel a lot and want to keep feeling extra comfort. This exclusive suite features extra wide seat is comfortable. Such as having his own cabin in a mini version. You can enjoy food and drink variants from different countries, ranging from the U.S., China, to food for vegetarians. Whiile Garuda takes you to the destination, you will be able to amuse yourself with lots of move-able and classy gadget besides your own laptop or Iconia PC tablet such as flat TV with a 25-hour television program, 20 selection of films, 50 CDs and 30 audio channels and much more.

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