Civil Aviation Industry Report / Boeing Delivers No. 300 Of Its Best-Selling 777: 777-300ERLleads The Way To Near Record Order Year For 777.

Boeing 777-300ER Has Surpassed 300 Deliveries…

  • Boeing’s best-selling 777, the 777-300ER (extended range), has surpassed 300 deliveries with an Oct. 21 delivery to first-time customer Biman Bangladesh.
  • As of Sept. 30, 2011, the 777-300ER has 543 orders; the 777 program (all models) has received a total of 1,288 orders and the program has a backlog of 325 orders.  / Boeing /
  • “Introduced into service in 2005, the 777-300ER is the best seller for a reason,” said Larry Loftis, 777 vice president and general manager. “It is distinguished by its fuel efficiency, award-winning cabin interior, range – it can fly point to point bypassing crowded hub airports – and its commonality with the Boeing 767 and 787.”

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