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Well, I've been away a long time since forming this group here, and I apologize for not participating. My regular day job as a pilot on a private jet got in the way for the last several months, but now it is under control, so I can take time to come back to my project!

I have been collecting equipment and other things required to get started in the business of aerial photography. I have an idea for what I believe is a different approach than anyone else is using, and I think it will make my business very successful. There is much to do, and I realize that sucess in this business will be much more likely if I have several partners who can work with me and contribute to the business, especially if we are in several countries and can join forces and share resources. Better to be small part of something much bigger and much more profitable, than all alone in a smaller business. This is my thought, anyway.

So, to begin, I have invested in some equipment and some sUAS airframes and systems, and I have also dedicated space for the business in two locations: London area of the UK, and in Lake Havasu City, near to Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA. I am very excited by the considerable opportunities that I see for the business, and I am looking forward to meeting potential partners and going forward to make a very successful business!

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